Give Blood Give Live was born from a group of Leukemia survivors, families and friends with the desire to help others experiencing similar situations. Our main objectives are to bring awareness to the donation of blood, platelets and bone marrow, to bring awareness to early detection processes for childhood cancer, and to support the families and patients going through chemotherapy.







Generate awareness of the need for the donation of voluntary and altruistic blood usual.




Generate solidarity mechanisms to promote voluntary donation, habitual and altruistic blood and collaborate realize that blood donation in order to meet the needs of each hospital in need.



Raise awareness about donating blood stem cells (bone marrow) and generate mechanisms to assist in the registration of new bone marrow donors. Putting focus on the disclosure of more existing mechanisms such as the donation of peripheral blood stem cells by.



Accompany cancer patients and their families in the process of their disease. Especially in children and adolescents. Support ranging from isolated cases to bills to support in general.



Raise awareness about donating umbilical cord and other new means for obtaining stem cells from the blood.



Create a space for dissemination and research on progress to cancer cure cancer especially in boys.



Create a space for dissemination of existing information for the prevention of cancer diseases mainly focus on putting children from campaigns to bills.



Create awareness in the population that can leave a disease such as cancer and recovering today mostly in full and can get on with life ..



Collaborate in the generation of information and support for newly cured spaces for quick recovery and social reintegration patients.



And support research projects on new ways of detecting and treating cancer patients.



Dictating play-therapy courses and dance-movement-therapy and support for patients of different pathologies.







All activities will be carried out with qualified personnel in the field and non-profit



Develop an atmosphere of cordiality and solidarity among its members and foster the intellectual and cultural improvement thereof.

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